How To Ace Your Piano Scales Examinations For Singaporean Students

Many Singaporean students find practising and acing piano scales for their ABRSM exams in Singapore difficult and tedious. However, if you are one such student, do not give up! Piano scales is one of the easiest parts of the examinations to get high scores in.

To ace your piano scales segment for your ABRSM examinations, you should take time to practise your fingers as accurately as possible. You need to have the right muscle memory to perform scales well. Do not increase playing speed at the expense of fingering accuracy. You want the muscle memory to be perfect by repeating the same, correct action over and over again. This way, by the time you get to higher ABRSM piano grades, you will be able to perform the scales accurately even at high speed because you have the right muscle memory!

An interesting tip for you Singaporean students is to practise your piano scales hands separately. This is the case regardless of your grade level. Many students can play scales well with both hands, however, they perform terribly and get confused easily if they try to play with one hand. Make sure you know your scales truly inside out.

Last but not least, mix up the order you play your scales. Your examiner may ask you for a random scale on the day of the exam. You want to practise at random, and do not always play them in the same sequence. This way, you will be more capable of adapting to unexpected changes in the examination room.