How Much Do Private Piano Teachers Charge In Singapore?

What kind of prices do private home piano teachers (those who travel to your house) charge in Singapore? Private home piano tutors are the premium choice of many Singaporean parents, mainly due to the convenience factor. They can watch their child learning and taking the music lessons in the comfort of their home. This is not only convenient for the child, but also safer for him/her.

As a direct result of the above, many local Singaporean parents are interested to figure out how much teachers charge, so that they can budget and calculate to see if they can comfortably afford their children’s home piano lessons. So let us take a look at the average prices.

For the examples below, we will take the estimated prices that a Grade 8 qualified piano teacher charge. Do note that if the teacher you are engaging is a Diploma certified teacher, then he or she usually charges 5-20% more.

For grades 1 to 4, each lesson is 45 minutes long, and there are 4 lessons in a month. For ABRSM grade 1, 4 lessons cost around $140 to $150. This then increases until an estimated $180 to $200 for grade 4.

However, there is a change when it comes to grade 5. Lessons are now 60 minutes in length, albeit there is still 4 lessons in a typical month. Four grade 5 lessons cost an estimated $210 to $230 a month and increases up till around $280 to $320 for grade 8. Diploma lessons are usually $350 to $400 and above.

All estimated prices above are accurate as of the date of this writing, and are in Singapore Dollars (“SGD”).

Do note that many piano teachers in Singapore will encourage your child to take up more lessons and up the intensity when it is nearing his or her practical examinations. This is perfectly normal. In that case, the rates per month will be pro-rated and higher than normal months.