How To Ace Your Piano Sight Reading

Piano sight reading of the ABRSM exams has traditionally been a problem for local, Singaporean students. This is because many Singaporean piano students have a ‘perfectionist’ attitude brought over from their academic school life. While being a perfectionist is a good thing when it comes to playing the ABRSM pieces, it is not too much of a good thing when it comes to sight reading.

Many Singaporean students put way too much emphasis on hitting the right notes 100% of the time at the expense of the rhythm and other dynamics of the song. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many local students make.

Another mistake that students tend to make is repeating whatever they had played wrongly. Repeating is not a good thing, and you will get heavily deduction in marks for doing that. There is a reason why pianists at concerts do not replay any particular part of the song even if they make a tiny mistake somewhere. They just continue on. In fact, you will get much higher scores by continuing the piece than repeating even once.

If you want more tips, then make sure to check out the following video which shares with you some really powerful tips to improve your sight reading. While sight reading is traditionally a feared segment of the piano ABRSM exams among Singaporean students, it need not be the case for you anymore with these tips! If you want a good teacher, also make sure to head on over to where they will match you up with a really good piano teacher in Singapore!

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