Why Your Piano Aural Results Suck And How To Improve It!

Along with piano sight reading, Singaporean students tend to perform poorly at the piano aural exam segment. I have written an entire post here on how to ace your piano sight reading exam, so in this post, I shall do the same  but for the aural segment. This is because the aural segment is a frequently requested for topic by you, my readers!

First of all, most Singaporean students are shy in front of strangers. This is definitely a generalization, but definitely an accurate one for those music students who seem to struggle with the piano aural exam segment. A great way to overcome this is to sing in awkward situations. For example, while you may sing the karaoke confidently in front of friends, it may not be the case if you stand in front of your friend and started repeating after the ABRSM aural CD recordings. When it is in a silent environment with your friend just staring at you with a blank look, it helps to drastically change the setting. This way, you can get easily used to the actual examination room. Get yourself used to awkwardness, and you will be able to sing more confidently.

Second of all, do not doubt yourself and repeat. Similarly to sight reading, you do not want to repeat yourself and make a greater mess. The marking scheme for the piano aural exams is similar to that of sight reading. If you make a mistake and repeat the same note again instead of continuing confidently, you will get even more marks deducted from your score!

Third of all, keep to the rhythm and tempo even if you are not 100% sure about the notes. Sometimes, you may forget every single note that was played. However, you need to remember the rhythm and overall tempo more. Keeping to the rhythm is something that many students find difficult if they forgot some part of the song. This is because the students may panic and then forget about the other parts of the song. Do not let that happen to you. Always stay calm and always focus on rhythm and tempo first, notes second!

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How To Ace Your Piano Sight Reading

Piano sight reading of the ABRSM exams has traditionally been a problem for local, Singaporean students. This is because many Singaporean piano students have a ‘perfectionist’ attitude brought over from their academic school life. While being a perfectionist is a good thing when it comes to playing the ABRSM pieces, it is not too much of a good thing when it comes to sight reading.

Many Singaporean students put way too much emphasis on hitting the right notes 100% of the time at the expense of the rhythm and other dynamics of the song. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many local students make.

Another mistake that students tend to make is repeating whatever they had played wrongly. Repeating is not a good thing, and you will get heavily deduction in marks for doing that. There is a reason why pianists at concerts do not replay any particular part of the song even if they make a tiny mistake somewhere. They just continue on. In fact, you will get much higher scores by continuing the piece than repeating even once.

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