5 Benefits Of Learning Piano As A Child In Singapore

Did you know that there are a lot of benefits for your child to learn the piano as a child in Singapore? Going for piano lessons not only means your child will know how to play the piano. Music classes in Singapore can benefit your child in ways you may not have thought possible before!

First of all, not many children and even adults are able to effectively utilize both sides of their brains. That is why you see most adults are in the creative sector, or in the mathematical financial sector. You seldom see adults in Singapore who are well-adept at everything. However, to become financially successful, your child will ideally need to be very good at one thing, and still well rounded at the same time. When a child takes piano lessons, he or she will be working out both sides of the brain because both hands have to play independently at the same time. Unlike typing away on a computer which only requires you to press one button at a time, piano requires you to utilize different hand motions concurrently. This is something that truly utilizes both sides of your child’s brain and will help in brain development. That is why you generally find kids who learnt piano tend to grow up to be well balanced in terms of their mental capacity. They are not only creative when required, they are also very analytical and smart. Your child needs both to succeed financially in Singapore.

Second of all, your child can even choose to become a part time piano teacher eventually while schooling. For example, he or she could choose to be a private music teacher to some students while in university. This way, he or she can even learn to make money and be independent even as a student! Some can even choose to eventually make it a full time career! Of course, if your child likes playing the piano, but does not want to be a teacher, that is fine as well. This is just an extra benefit that you may not have thought about!

Third of all, pianists are generally very civilized people in Singapore. You may have heard of children who play soccer with their friends and end up mixing around with the wrong crowd. However, you almost never hear that happen with pianists. There is just something about music and piano in particular. Pianists are generally more civilized people and not ah bengs who smoke and cuss all day long. Which parent reading this blog (a piano blog for goodness sake!) will want their child to be an ah beng? Chances are none.

Fourth of all, some schools in Singapore offer a music elective program (MEP) which will allow your child to enroll for it and essentially ‘get a free A’ if your child is already highly proficient in it due to the music lessons he or she has been taking since young.

Finally, playing the piano can be a great past time. Instead of your child going out to the arcades and playing very possibly with lots of juvenile delinquents who like hanging out at arcades or whatnot, your child will be more likely reading books or playing the piano instead. It is definitely a much better hobby for your child’s own sake in future as well! Mixing around with the right crowd is essential to ensure that your child stays a good citizen and financially successful at the same time!

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